You can make a difference

Teach Natural Family Planning!

The Archdiocese of Galveston/Houston Family Life Ministry announces Standard Sympto Thermal Teacher Training.

Dates: January 23/24 and February 27/28, times TBD, check back soon!

NFP has been life changing for many, many couples.

This is an opportunity for YOU to be part of a ministry that brings God’s plan into the heart of marriages.

Maybe you think you don’t know enough yet? That’s true. That’s why there is a strong program of instruction and practicum in the teacher training.

Maybe you can’t make all of the days listed? We can work with you individually to complete the training.

Maybe you don’t think you can speak before a group? Speaking before a group with your best friend up there next to you is quite different than giving a speech.

Our Holy Father has asked us all to be part of the New Evangelization!! This is a perfect way to join the effort. All materials provided; there is no cost to you and a great deal of benefit to your marriage and to the many couples whose lives you will touch.

To get more information or to apply for the training, contact Joe and Cinda DeVet or by phone at 713-683-8544.

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